EP 008- Founder and CEO of The Party Goddess: Marley Majcher


Marley is the Founder and CEO of The Party Goddess!, a nationally acclaimed full service event planning and catering company. In this episode, hear about how Marley, recovering from a bad ski accident, a divorce, and the dissolving of her co-owned restaurant/catering company, wanted to re-invent herself.

Marley shares how hitting rock bottom allowed her to imagine what her next venture could be--a full service catering and event planning company that accomplishes fabulous, quirky and memorable events. Armed with the successes and failures from her last venture, she sought out a way to differentiate herself in a saturated event planning industry. Her solution was to become a celebrity event and party planner! You’ll quickly learn that when Marley sets a goal, she accomplishes it.

Fast forward 17 years, not only is Marley the celebrity event and party planner she set out to be, she has added author, tv contributor and guest lecturer at her alma matter Georgetown University to her list of accomplishments. Marley wrote, "But Are You Making Any Money?” to solve her own need to see beyond her revenue goals and to achieve profit goals necessary to be a success in her own business. She gives sound financial advice for an entrepreneur at any stage.

Marley is witty, creative, organized and simply a delight to listen to. This episode will make you feel like you are actually at a party talking to Marley and Nada! It will also encourage you to dream, set goals and work hard to accomplish them.


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