EP 007- Co-Founder and President of Lollaland: Hanna Lim


Hanna is the Co-Founder and President  of Lollaland, an infant and toddler goods manufacturing company designed to be functional and fun. In this episode, hear about how Hanna, a chemistry teacher at home with her daughter, decided to design a straw cup that was easy to use, easy to clean, safe (BPA/BPS-, PVC-. Phthalate-free, etc.), Made in the USA, and just plain attractive.

Hanna recalls the day she realized she did not want to be a stay-at-home mom and shares how she transitioned into an entrepreneur through a desire to solve drinking issue for her daughter. Both Hanna and her husband Mark go into detail on what it is like to own a business together. How they manage to maintain a healthy marriage, parenting together, and a growing venture.

Hanna is passionate and dedicated to Lollaland. It’s clear in her stories of what it is like to embark on creating a manufacturing company. She honestly shares the struggles of deciding how to raise capital, coming up with the right product designs, and how to choose a manufacturer to create one’s product. Oh and did we mention she was on Shark Tank and has received funding from Mark Cuban and Robert Herjavec?

From solving a problem to growing a fun, functional, and innovative infant and toddler goods company, Hanna is filled with wisdom we’re sure you will appreciate.


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Hanna Recommends...

Ask questions!!

Shop around for the right manufacturing companies

Consider ways to raise funds by creating partnerships


Please follow Hanna (and Mark) and the Lollaland team at @lollalandusa on Instagram and Twitter. Also, at @lollacup on Facebook. Be sure to go to www.lollaland.com to check out their products.

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