EP 006- Founders and CEO/COO of GRACEDbyGRIT: Kimberly Caccavo and Kate Nowlan


Kimberly and Kate are the Founders and CEO/COO of  GRACEDbyGRIT, a premium athletic apparel company designed to empower and keep women safe. In this episode, hear how Kate and Kimberly came up with the concept of their business while training for triathlons together.

Kate and Kimberly share personal stories of the grit of life that brought this dynamic duo together to empower, equip and support active women through exceptional athletic apparel. They refreshingly open up about the ins and outs of owning a manufacturing business, what it takes to maintain a strong partnership and how to expand a business by listening to customers. They also provide practical advice on how to support their female employees and that it’s OK to giggle while under stress.

Their candid storytelling will have you laughing and possibly tearing up. GRACEDbyGRIT is not only a clothing brand but also a mantra to live by.


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