EP 004- How Taking a Risk Allows You to Create Your Dream Job: Kirsten Blazek


Kirsten Blazek is the Founder and expert Creative Director of A 1000 x Better a staging and interior design company. In this episode, Kirsten shares how the encouragement of a friend inspired her to create her own dream job.

Kirsten explains that she was at a cross roads when she began A 1000 x Better, after taking time off to stay home with her kids. She had to decide whether to go back to her first profession, nursing, or pursue something she felt passionate about which required taking a risk.

Along with sharing her own story, Kirsten gives frank advice about the importance of trusting your gut and relying on your intuition in both the start up and operational years. Kirsten also shares the secret behind growing her loyal Instagram following from 300 to over 24,000 (at the time interview). Her honesty and celebration of supportive friendships will have you reaching out to the people you love and encouraging them to pursue their dreams.


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