EP 002-ALLE FISTER: Principal, Founder of Bollare

Alle Fister is the Principal and Founder of Bollare a bi-coastally headquartered, full-service, beauty, fashion and lifestyle public relations firm. On this episode, hear about Alle’s start as a hardworking entrepreneur, who has grown her business into a big team of thoughtful and savvy publicists who work with brands across three verticals: celebrity seeding, digital consultancy and traditional press coverage.

Along with sharing her own story, Alle generously offers her PR wisdom and tips for entrepreneurs who are in all stages of ideation. There are some serious gems that you will want to write down!


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"You know you wouldn’t just get into your car and start driving to go on a road trip. You have to decide whether you are going North or South. Which direction of the 405 am I getting on? Ya know I think sometime people just get in the car and just start driving. And they have utilized all this gas and all this time and driven all these miles but where are we driving to?  Which way do we need to go?"


To me, an entrepreneur gives themselves very minimal time to lament, to feel sad for themselves, to feel sorry. You will get knocked down every single day and how fast you get right back up. And you say, Ok I took that as an opportunity to learn, here’s what I took from it. I’m gonna get back to my high high again.


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Elizabeth Windom