LIBERTY Editorial Journal

LIBERTY Editorial Journal


LIBERTY is equal parts magazine and journal, which is why we like to call it an "editorial journal." We created LIBERTY for women with an entrepreneurial spirit. This beautifully designed, publication celebrates the women who are making their mark and inspires and equips women who want to launch or grow their own venture.

Each LIBERTY issue is divided into three sections, "Dream," "Live" and "Give." We give the reader a glimpse of women at various stages along their path. The "Dream" section highlights stories, advice, tips, and resources from their early years, sharing why, and how they launched. The "Live" section digs deeper into the daily lives of various entrepreneurs and creatives, asking them “how they do it” and seeking practical advice for the day-to-day. From automation and apps to juggling work and life, this section keeps it real. Lastly, the "Give" section focuses on why and how women are leaving an impact; asking women who they serve, why they serve, and how they hope to make a meaningful impact on their customers, employees, the world, and their own lives. 

Throughout each section, LIBERTY provides space for you to consider your possibilities, record your own thoughts, and list to-dos that will enable you to take your own ideas from ideation to actualization.

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