Originally published on ltd365.com

Originally published on ltd365.com


Twofold partners Olivia Korenberg and Jenn Pablo give us the five business resources they can’t live without:

Since we are so often out of the office and working remotely, it’s incredibly helpful to use Dropboxto share notes and images instantaneously as well as easily reference business documents and layouts on the go. It serves as the cloud storage for Twofold as well.

We are constantly on Pinterest – it’s such a great source for imagery, ideas and inspiration, and an important resource that allows us to share our brand and aesthetic as we engage with our clientele and audience. It is important to be relevant in this business and Pinterest is the perfect platform to visually present our work to the community in an organized way.

When we are designing a project we always start with AutoCAD for our preliminary layouts. If we feel the need to communicate our design in a three-dimensional way, we switch over to SketchUpto produce our drawings and renderings. We find that this often helps us communicate with a client in a more approachable way.

I love checking Flipboard to get all my news updates. You can curate your Flipboard account to receive updates on topics that interest you. This is often my source for finding artists, designers and architecture that later become sources of inspiration. (Olivia)

Adobe! Creative Cloud gives me the tools I need to create. In particular, I use Photoshop and Illustrator for producing our design presentations. And I use Lightroom for photo editing and cataloging, in tandem with Photoshop, which gives me a more efficient workflow when working with imagery. (Jenn)