Originally published on ltd365.com

Originally published on ltd365.com


Jessica Comingore Studio Founder and Creative Director Jessica Comingore gives us the five business resources she can’t live without:

I use the iCal app on every device and truly can’t live without it. I schedule everything on it from project timelines to social plans, exercising to invoicing. Everything has a date, time, and alarm attached to it and is color-coded by category and set to repeat as necessary. It may be a little OCD for some, but it’s the first thing I check when I get into the office in the morning, and the last thing I look at before I leave. It helps me prepare for what’s ahead and not leave any room for overscheduling myself.

The ToDoist app goes hand-in-hand with iCal for me and serves to keep track of all of my to-do’s. Again, everything is broken up by category (personal, social, current and potential projects, collaborations, errands — you name it) and assigned a due date. It comes as an iPhone and desktop app so if I check something off in one place, it’ll get archived everywhere. If I don’t finish everything I’ve intended for a particular day, it’s easy to drag and drop tasks to the next day. It’s completely negated my need for a notebook.

3TB Backup Drives! I learned the hard way about a year into my business when a drive crashed that housed every photo I had ever taken – I didn’t have a second backup and lost everything for good. I’ve since then bought three 3TB drives that I make sure to duplicate all of my large files on. Anytime I do a shoot, I immediately download and double backup. No more stressing about what happens if one decides to stop working. It’s definitely an added step, but well worth the peace of mind.

Harvest is an amazing invoicing software that has significantly improved my workflow. I spent the first year or so of business invoicing all of my clients manually, but now I have everything in one central place. I can easily create new projects and clients, set budgets, assign fees to tasks, keep track of expenses and send out reminders for outstanding payments. What more could you ask for?

It took some time before I became a convert to the tablet, but I’ve now completely swapped out a mouse for my Wacom Intuos Pro. As a designer and photographer, it works beautifully for getting into all of the nitty gritty details of designing a logo or editing a photo. There’s a finesse you’re able to get when using a pen that you just can’t achieve with a mouse.