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I had the pleasure of hearing Jane Wurwand, founder of Dermalogica, speak today and was so refreshed and inspired by her words I thought I would share my notes with you.

1. No such thing as balance–it’s about resiliance.

2. If you come across the greatest pain, you’re on to the best idea.

3. Who are YOU? It all begins (and I would add, ends) with you as an entrepreneur.

4. What would you be really excited about doing even if you didn’t get paid for three years?

5. You must have unrelenting enthusiasm for your idea.

6. Don’t be mediocre. Don’t be oatmeal when you can be Huevos Rancheros–even if some people don’t like hevos racheros other LOVE it.

7. Don’t do what everyone else is already doing.

8. Thrive on pressure. When the heat is on, don’t take a break go harder and faster. She used the example of giving birth and saying to the doctor at a critical moment during labor that she was too tired and needed to take a break–doesn’t work!

9. Be very good enough.

10. Saying no to something is saying yes to something else. Saying no is easier to do and saying is easier to say.

11. Do what ONLY you can do and delegate the rest.

12. Eat the frog. Do the worst thing on your list first. Waiting to eat the frog is better in the am because you have the day to digest it. Keeping it on your desk makes you tired.

13. Tell your story. Build relationships using social media. Relationship–Purchase–Advocacy.

14. Be frugal. Spend where it matters and effects the bottom line. It’s not about cost, it’s about value.

15.  You must have a clear company culture.

16. Hire the person not the resume.

17. Be a dream believer.

18. Have established core values. Dermalogica’s core values are:

-Embrace drive and change

-Allow for fun and weirdness

-Be enthusiastic, kind and friendly

-Build open and honest relationships by talking

-Don’t keep dream destroyers around

-Be authentic and humble

-It’s all about the product all the time, always!

19. Don’t loose site of the product because of the process

20. Seek a higher purpose.

Thanks Jane, for living out your own purpose and teaching us to do the same!