Originally published on ltd365.com

Originally published on ltd365.com


Photographer Melinda DiMauro gives us the five business resources she can’t live without:

I use my iPhone for everything. I don’t need a landline for calls and it allows me to be at work even if I’m on the train or with the kids. I use the alarm clock a lot. I find that breaking up my day with reminders helps my productivity. Otherwise I can get lost in a project and lose track of time.

Pinterest has been really helpful lately for mood boards. I can have my clients pull pictures of what they like to help me understand the vibe they are going for. People can articulate their vision better if they can show specific examples – I like this eyeshadow or this shade of green or this kind of lighting. There are so many ways to light a photograph and having a reference really helps.

I share my photo studio with a few photographers and we use a Google calendar to keep track of bookings. I also keep my husband’s travel schedule under the same calendar but I can block it from the studio calendar viewers. Keeping a tight handle on my work and home schedule is key.

I use a program called Blinkbid for my invoicing. It’s extremely user-friendly and makes that part of my job easy. Which is good, because it’s not something I love doing!

I use HighTail for sending photo files. They are the fastest at upload speeds for me. I’m typically sending huge folders, so delivering quickly is really important.