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How well do they know your brand?

To my delight this beautiful little macaron shop just popped up in my neighborhood. Walking by one day, I began to think about how these sweet treats are just as much an experience as they are a sugary delight.

The brand Lette is selling a piece of their brand of lifestyle with each cookie. And we’re buying with no signs of slowing down. Exiting the store with your lavender-hued bag filled with brightly colored macarons will surely cast you as girl-in-the-know. It’s one part Parisian pastry shop and one part contemporary gallery, the combination is sure to please a modern girl’s sweet tooth. It’s easy to imagine Blair indulging in one of these gastronomic treats.  Who knew a cookie could do all this?!?!

So how about your brand? What exactly are your customers experiencing?

Ask yourself:

1. How do you want your customers to feel when they encounter your brand?

2. How would you describe your brand’s personality?

3. What do you want people to say about you or your company?

Now ask  5 people the same 3 questions.  How similar are their answers to yours? Are you conveying what you thought you were? Are people experiencing your brand as you intended? If so, congrats. If not, try this:

1. Create a fictional character. Give him or her a name, age and salary range.

2. Pick out her favorite magazines, music, food, stores, etc.

3. What does she wear? Who does she hang out with? What does she typically do during the weekdays and weekends?

It might seem silly at first, but you will quickly realize that your fictional character will come in handy when trying to figure out how to appropriately create, or manipulate, your brand to appeal to your target market. You will also get some clues as to where and how to reach them.

The fictional character for Lette could have been described like this:

Madison, 29, is a young professional making $75,000, She lives downtown and commutes from her 5th story walk up. She’s a trend setter among her peers and savors weekends with good friends at local hot spots. Her shoes, watch and handbag are designer, but she always boasts about her newest find from Target, Gap or Old Navy–no one would ever know if she didn’t volunteer the info.  She was crushed when Domino magazine said good bye, and never lets a day go by without reading her favorite style blogs. She loves flowers and cupcakes, but is ready for something new and fresh to pass along to her friends, especially on festive occasions.