Time for a website update? We all need a little revamp every once in awhile. Sometimes its not an overhaul, but like updating your Fall wardrobe, it’s about adding a few well edited pieces. Now the key is to make sure these changes communicate who you are, and what you have to offer to your audience.  Get a little inspiration for updating your web image from a few of our favorite sites. And don’t forget to take notes. Pay attention to the use of color, fonts, copy size, amount of content, links, white space, advertising placement, etc. and check how the combination of all these elements add up to communicate something very concrete about the person, the brand and the company.

Here’s our top 5 picks:

1) Oh Joy! – We love how consistent her blog, her image, color palette, font choice and her product selections are. Ohjoy is a study in understanding how a lifestyle influences a brand and ultimately an audience.

site 1.png

2) Design Love Fest – This blog is creative, out of the box and makes us smile. Bri’s quirky vision is unexpected and fresh and warrants regular visits to be wowed by her photos, videos and curation of all things design.

site 2.png

3) Glitter Guide – Bite sized fashion. Not too much, not too little. We love the design of this site, the navigation of each story and how simply everything is archived. We also love that ads are distinguishable and do not clutter the page–makes for easy content navigation, which is why we are there in the first place.

site 3.png

4) Mrs. Lilien – Her playful content and spot on visual execution of each post are impeccable. What’s most impressive is how she has crafted an entire business out of a single point of view. Her cocktail book, new bar cart collaboration and staring role as an influencer is a reminder to us all to stay laser focused.

5) On Blue Pool Road  – We have been fans of Peggy Wong for many years and love her aesthetic. Her site and blog are clean and modern and we are often motivated to edit our office space, house and closet, not to mention the overwhelming desire to purchase a few tickets to a far off destination.  The simplicity of her site engages us to think of a simpler way of being.

[image: pinterest]