Originally published on ltd365.com

Originally published on ltd365.com


Heeeere’s Jimmy!

It’s no secret that we are thrilled to be seeing Mr. Fallon take the throne at the Tonight Show. We are huge fans around here and even on a first name basis with our BFF, Jimmy. The guy just has this way about him. His fans believe he really cares, and everyone loves him as evidenced by his exceptional parade of high profile guests.  So we’ve wondered, what is his secret sauce? How does he convert a viewer into a loyal audience member and ultimately an uber fan? Here’s what we’ve been able to uncover:

1)  He’s the real deal! Watch the guy talk to his guests. It’s like he’s best friends with each person that he interviews, and it never feels one-sided. Each guest seems more than happy to wear the mantle of “Jimmy Fallon’s Best Friend” which lends credibility to his celebrity in-the-know persona, necessary for a host with the most.

2)  He removes the veil. Whether it’s the drinking games or the awkward outfits often required for the hilarious relays, he breaks the too-cool-for-school facade of the celebrity guest, and as a result they seem more approachable and human to the rest of us.

3)  He lets us in. As audience members, we’re privy to inside jokes and back stories. We feel like we’re in on a private conversation and now part of Jimmy’s inner circle.

4)  His enthusiasm is infectious. He appears genuinely thrilled to be entertaining us and giddy to interview his guests.  Clearly it is his pleasure to serve us.

5)  His mission is clear. In last night’s first ever Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, he shared, “My goal is to make you laugh and put a smile on your face before you go to bed, so you can live a longer life.” In meetings with writers and producers there is no question what needs to be accomplished in each episode.

Now that we’ve identified how Jimmy does it, here are a few tips for Fallonizing your venture.

1)  Be an authority. Show your audience that you’re in-the-know. Make it clear to them that their valuable time is worth spending with you by being credible.

2)  Be transparent. People connect to people not businesses. Humanize your brand by telling your story and the stories of happy customers. People want to feel like they can trust you and they can’t feel like that if you don’t put yourself out there.

3)  Engage your customers. Find ways to talk to your audience, but more importantly, truly listen to them. Create customer service surveys, and ask them what they want from your business. It’s necessary to solicit feedback, both positive and negative.  Also, invest resources in those who turn out to be loyal to your brand–turn them into evangelists for whatever it is you’re offering the world.

4)  If you’re not excited don’t expect your audience to be. It’s your job to show them how great your business is and why they need you. Many fear coming across as boastful or arrogant, but the reality is that it is your job to convey how great your offering is and why others need it/you!

5)  Have a clear mission statement. It’s so easy to get off on tangents. Opportunities arise and can shift our venture into a different direction. Setbacks cause us to rethink what we are doing and alter our game plan, and while it is necessary to remain flexible, we need to stay on mission. You are doing what you do for a specific purpose and don’t lose sight of that–staying focused on the ultimate goal is paramount to your success.

So the next time you find yourself in a business predicament, just ask yourself…WWJD?


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