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The best part of doing what I do is helping my clients realize that they truly deserve to have whatever they desire. This breakthrough is the first step in allowing them to get clear on what they really want, which helps create the confidence to go for it. Having clarity and confidence is everything in running a successful business! Here are my seven steps to having both:

First, get clear on what your area of expertise is. What are your unique gifts? We can often look to our background to determine where our interests and passion lie. It is often our greatest trials that reveal our biggest gifts and show us where we can help others. Think abut your story, and what makes you an expert.

Second, pay attention to what the universe is showing you. I initially thought I would focus on helping others make a career change since I had done it myself. When I realized I was instead attracting entrepreneurs who wanted help growing their businesses, I made a shift.

Third, do what you love! Above all else, check in constantly as your business shifts and grows. Make sure what you’re doing is something that you love and is in line with your bigger “why”. This will help tremendously when you are faced with business tasks that you don’t particularly enjoy. As each new opportunity comes in, check back in to make sure it’s in line with your bigger purpose.

Fourth, get clear on what you really want. I talk a lot about creating an ideal lifestyle with my clients. What do you really want? Where would you like to live, what type of lifestyle do you want to have, what kind of business do you want to run? Take some time to write this out. This will also help you to get clear on a financial goal that is meaningful and not just pulled out of thin air.

Fifth, it’s important to realize that confidence is a state. Meaning, it’s not something that you have to wait for. You can literally step into it now. Ask yourself what needs to happen in order for you to feel confident? Is it getting five new clients or making a certain amount each month? What is it for you?

Sixth, ask yourself how you will accomplish what you have identified as necessary for you to feel confident. If five new clients a month is your goal, what will you do each day to work toward acquiring those clients? How will you include what needs to be done in your schedule?

Finally, think about a time in your life when you did feel confident and step into it. Select an actual spot on the ground and stand on it. Recall what it felt like to be confident, choose a word that describes those feelings and say that word out loud. Now you have anchored yourself in this state in two places, the spot on the floor and the word that you chose. Whenever you need a boost, you can step into that place or just say the word out loud to invoke those feelings of confidence. It can be that easy.



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