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Professional organizers and NEAT Method Co-Founders Molly Graves and Ashley Murphy give us a little expert advice:

What advice would you give to someone who feels overwhelmed by the competition? Competition is really just reassurance that what you want to do can be successful. We use it as a baseline to create ideas and strategies to set ourselves apart.

What top three tips would you like to pass along for those who have just started to use social media?

Tip #1: Know your target market and develop a voice for your company based on it.

#2: Don’t make social media your life! Although it can be good for visibility, it doesn’t always bring in the clients.

#3: Your audience needs a reason to follow you, so offer quality content.

When you think of the best people to work with, what traits do they share? The best people to work with are punctual, hardworking, honest, and make customer service a priority. Our favorite partners have remained humble despite success, which is quite refreshing.

Give a budding entrepreneur your best hiring and firing business practices. This is a tough one! We are still learning here ourselves. Don’t get your emotions involved – it’s not personal, it’s business.

Entrepreneurs often say that “you can’t do it all.” What three things do you always outsource? We have always outsourced the things that are our weaknesses, and those things have changed over time. However, a big one for us was creating and maintaining changes on our website.

What business book would you recommend to someone who is either about to launch or in the early growth stage? The E-Myth Revisited by Michael E. Gerber.

What are your thoughts on raising capital? Our business has a small overhead so it hasn’t seemed necessary. We think you should only raise money if you really need it.

What piece of invaluable advice did you receive that you would like to pass on to women pursuing their dream?“People who are looking for a service go through a five-step process: Know, Like, Trust, Buy, Recommend. We made sure that our website allowed potential clients to go through that process.”

Our best advice to a woman launching a venture is… Have you fully researched your idea? Do you have a business plan? Have you researched your competition? Know your industry and all its potential before you jump right in.

What would your advice to your younger selves be? Don’t take yourself too seriously.


Finally, please give us 5 tips that would benefit an entrepreneurial woman launching or growing her business:

1.  Work on your business more than in.
2.  Have confidence in what you are selling even if you are just starting.
3.  Know your target market and how to cater to them.
4.  No matter how annoying a customer is, always take the high road in making them feel that they are right.
5.  Give yourself a break sometimes.