Originally published on ltd365.com

Originally published on ltd365.com


When my younger brother was living the life of a bachelor, I would often ask him if he had met anyone interesting (code for “worth telling your sister about”).  My question was almost always met with this mantra, “I ain’t got time to see if things ain’t right.”

At the time I found his response deserving of little more than an eye roll, but a few years and a few wrinkles, ahem, I mean character-lines later, I find this silly little phrase to be ironically insightful.  It seems that this very sentiment is the thing that keeps so many of us from life’s greatest joys.

How many of you “ain’t got time to see if things ain’t right” when it comes to launching your dream?  You’ve got an idea, but you’re just not sure you wanna put it out there only to find that “things ain’t right”.  Don’t fall for it!  Don’t let yourself be anything less than you can be just because you are afraid or, worse, lazy.

For the next month try implementing these simple steps:

1) Make a list of what life would be like if your venture was a success.

2) Make a list of the worst thing(s) that could happen if you failed.

3) Make a list of 8 things you need to do to get this idea off the ground and schedule 2 items in your calendar per week.

4) Find a mentor, or a few peers, that you can share your vision (and fears) with, and meet them on a regular basis for motivation and accountability.

5) Record what success you’ve had in a single month, and multiply by 12…do you like what you see?

Commit to your dream and find out just how “right” things can be!

For the record, my brother is happily married and has two little people running around his knees. He eventually made the “time”, and things are better than “right”!