Originally published on ltd365.com

Originally published on ltd365.com



Agnieszka Wilk had an honors degree in Business Administration from the University of Windsor and a successful career working in finance for the Canadian government, but she tapped into her inner entrepreneur after relocating temporarily to Seoul and experiencing the highs and lows of decorating an apartment there. Unable to find work in finance, she focused her energy on finding a way to make interior design more accessible and engaging through the use of technology. She founded Decorilla, a crowdsourced interior design platform that allows users to decorate a room for 80% less than traditional interior design services. Here’s how it works: you answer a few questions, post pictures of your space, and provide a budget. Vetted professional designers send concept previews; you choose your favorite and the chosen designer will then provide you with a paint color palette, a 3D visualization of the new space, and assistance sourcing the suggested décor items at the best price. Pretty cool, right?  Visit their site to start your own design project or to pick up inspiring design tips from the Decorilla blog!


What makes you different from your competition? At Decorilla, we believe in thinking differently and challenging the way things are traditionally done. We come to work every day because we love coming up with new ways to help people live in the beauty and comfort that they deserve. Our company is built on the highest quality standards that allow us to attract top design talent who also believe in our mission.

My favorite book is… “The Worldly Philosophers” by Robert Heilbroner. It’s hard to really understand where we are coming from unless we know the sources of the great ideas that pervade our thinking. I love the insights into the times and lives of great economic thinkers in this book because it helps us understand how their economic theories were formed.

What I wear to a typical meeting… A stylish and colorful blouse because I feel it well represents my personality and my industry.


What are three words that best describe you? Creative, honest, persistent.

What three words best describe your company? Simple, affordable, quality.

When you go on vacation you always… Pack last minute.

My favorite nail polish and or lipstick is…  Purple nail polish!

My favorite singer is… Shania Twain

My favorite movie is… Legally Blonde

On my playlist right now… The audio book of “Start with Why” by Simon Sinek


“People break down into two groups, motors and anchors. You always want to surround yourself by people who push you forward, not hold you down.”