Image by: Carley Rudd

Image by: Carley Rudd




We take #womenhelpingwomen literally around here!

I believe that it is the responsibility of every business owner to use her platform to bring about positive change. Because I am passionate about entrepreneurship as a vehicle for sustainable change and I am committed to empowering women who need it most, I've created the Dream for a Dream initiative. The mission is to create opportunities for women in developing countries to launch and grow their own entrepreneurial endeavors. I want women, families and villages to be empowered and transformed for good. I am committed to being and inviting other women business owners to be a resource for women launching their dream businesses and their dream lives, no matter their circumstances.

Over the last 5 years the Dream for a Dream platform has given 10 percent of sales from our conferences and workshops to organizations that support women’s micro enterprises abroad. This last summer, I helped organize the first of many Social Impact Trips to Swaziland and Mozambique. The goal of the trip was to bring designers and social entrepreneurs from the US to developing countries to collaborate with local artisans thereby creating sustainable, global marketplace for these artisans and their businesses to thrive. To learn more click here

Here's to all of you who lead by serving!