Originally published on ltd365.com

Originally published on ltd365.com



Yoga has long been a part of Lisa Greenblatt Binderow’s life, as a decade-long student of the practice and in her corporate role in her seven years at YogaWorks. She was inspired to design her first pair of nicepipes when she realized that her legs were cold in her cropped yoga pants as she walked to the studio to teach class. The performance fabric leg and arm warmers that extend the length and life of her yoga wear were an instant hit at the studio, and her business was born. Lisa is a sunshine and outdoor enthusiast, is passionate about fitness, and can proudly claim to be both an avid Juice Press club member and an exceptional martini maker.


The three words that best describe me are… Dedicated, creative, and analytical.

How did your former career prepare you for running your own business? I worked at YogaWorks for seven years in the corporate office and as a yoga and barre teacher. It was an amazing experience, and I learned so much about the wellness community from the business side as well as the teaching side.

What was the biggest obstacle that you had to overcome before launching your business? Fear! It was not easy stepping out on my own and I still face it every day. But fear can be very motivating, so I try to channel it into hard work and problem solving.

How long were you in business before you started to see real growth? What do you attribute that to? We were lucky and saw growth pretty quickly. I think because I am a teacher and fitness nut I understood a real need and had the opportunity to offer a product that teachers and students would immediately respond to.

How did you fund your dream? We are bootstrapping it! Did I mention the fear thing…? But it does allow me to take ownership of all the ups and downs, which has been an amazing and very educational experience.

Describe a day in your life. How do you organize your day to best optimize your time? Are there any organizational tools you can’t live without? I try to meditate every morning for 10-20 minutes, though I totally admit there are many days where that just doesn’t happen. I make a smoothie every morning, I definitely need a cup of coffee, and I try to work out or practice yoga daily. The rest of the day I am working, whether it’s running to the garment center for a fitting or plowing through all the emails. The startup life can feel non-stop. The best organizational tool I have found is Google Docs. You know you are a startup when you have a million and one Google Docs!

Lately I’m inspired by… Female Founders! There are too many to list but I find that reading their articles and watching their interviews gives me a real sense of empowerment and excitement about running my own business.

If I weren’t doing what I do, I would be… Living in Italy and cooking A LOT.

A teacher or boss who influenced me is… Jen Groover. She is a mentor of mine who is vibrant, whose confidence is contagious, and whose success is so admirable! She encourages me to go for it and has a way of inspiring me to feel purposeful and empowered.

Five years from now I see myself and my company… With endless colors and styles of nicepipes! A bigger team, more products to offer the fitness community, and innovative layers that keep everyone warm from the studio to the street.


“The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one.”

– Elbert Hubbard