We are in the midst of a paradigm shift. Now, more than ever before, women have the opportunity to shape culture. Those pursuing entrepreneurial ventures are no longer considered outliers. Liberty attracts generations of women who are embracing and pursuing their multiple identities as creators, disruptors, communicators, mentors, social innovators, mothers and partners. Many of them are leaving traditional jobs to launch a business, create a more flexible schedule, own their financial future, advocate for others, and, ultimately, pursue their passions. 

Women are inundated with content focused on fashion, beauty and health, but rarely are they asked what they would like to contribute to the world. We need to hear the voices of women who have found a way to navigate all the obstacles in order to inform other women in pursuit of their own calling. 

While no two women’s paths are exactly the same, we all share questions, constraints and assumptions about what is expected of us and what we expect from ourselves. Our platforms give women the space to dream and consider their possibilities, regardless of circumstances, finances or age. They find hope in other women’s stories; their ingenuity, grit and creativity shape the LIBERTY woman’s vision for her own future.

LIBERTY is a podcast and events platform built on the premise that every women has a unique gift to share with the world. We celebrate and support the entrepreneurs that are making their mark. We inspire and equip women who want to begin their own entrepreneurial journey. Our mission is to give women the opportunity to reflect, actualize and be intentional about the way they live their lives. We believe that true liberation is found in this pursuit.