We are in the midst of a paradigm shift.  Now, more than ever before, women pursuing entrepreneurial ventures are no longer  considered outliers. Generations of women are embracing and pursuing their multiple identities as creators, disruptors, communicators, mentors, social innovators, mothers and partners. Many of them are leaving traditional jobs to launch a business, create a more flexible schedule, own their financial future, advocate for others, and ultimately, pursue their  passions.

LIBERTY’s multi-media platform connects these women to one another as well as the advice, tools and resources needed to launch and grow their entrepreneurial ventures. LIBERTY inspires and equips these women through our community, conference and content.

While no two women's paths are exactly the same, we all share questions, constraints and assumptions about what is expected of us and what we expect from ourselves. We find hope in other women's stories; their ingenuity, grit and creativity shape the LIBERTY woman's vision for her own future. Our platforms give women the space to connect, collaborate and consider their possibilities.